Sunday, January 4, 2015

Goal vs Tasks vs Whatever....but let's get them done!

How to plan and execute your goals(tasks) for the new year.

There are plenty of articles on the subject and how to accomplish them, but I prefer a simple approach. The words goals or tasks, whichever you prefer to call them, will be what you hope to accomplish over the next year.

Simply put:
1)Make a list.
2)Be realistic.
3)Be financially realistic.

If this is your first year of actually trying to reach your realistic. People fail when they set their expectations/goals unrealistically. Note the theme here....let's be realistic.

Side note-->I do applaud those of you, who have always been able to accomplish your goals/tasks. It has not always been easy for me. I think as I have aged, I've realized the beauty in setting goals/tasks for one's self. It gets things done!

My 2015 no particular order:

1)Learn to bake bread
2)Learn to ferment
3)Cull and process our non-laying chickens
4)Write a weekly post on the blog-->involve the Mr. on this one
5)Make a barn quilt
6)Design and build a "canning" cabin.....this might have to move up the list. I have so many ideas on this!
7)Take more vacation...really how hard can it be to take allll the vacation days I earn?....I just need to do it!
8)Save more
9)Completely finish reorganizing the by room.

Well, there you have it. It's officially in writing. At any time, I can revisit and tweak as the year progresses.

I feel better now.

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