Sunday, July 29, 2012

From Here to There

Living the dream...are we? Not yet, but we are in the planning stages. So how are we going to get there? Downsizing the house and upsizing the garden are our main priorities. Learning to live on one income now and not later when retirement becomes a reality. Little by little we are finding our niche on what we can cut back on and the must "haves". Also how to address the following: Money - unfortunately you have to have it and you must learn to live on less. Saving is the name of the game. Housing - yes, either you own or you rent. Your choice but the sad reality is it will be one or the other...for most of us anyway. So what do we really need? We are in that process now as to space and size. Transportation - yep, have to think about that too. We are down to one car and have a truck for back up. Car pooling is our current thing and will continue until the first of the year. Then we may end up doing something else..depends on if the ole DH retires or not. Insurance - again, you have to have it. Home and car are minimal. Health insurance who knows? Finding Happiness - we know what makes us happy and becoming more minimalist in our needs and wants is making us happy and content. This one is paramount and you should if nothing else decide on how you can be content. I often say my Grandma lived simply, not lavishly. She enjoyed simple things such as bird watching and gardening and did not covet fine jewelry or clothes. Her rocking chair, front porch and wide open spaces brought her contentment and happiness. Not a bad way to approach life...not bad at all.