Sunday, June 12, 2016

Farm Cart

The Farm Cart.

We decided to keep costs low, recycle what we could and design it so it could be pulled with the lawn mower.

We knew the potting table slated to become the "counter" would be problematic because it is so narrow. But my husband decided to go ahead and do the awning etc and then we would address the instability issue. He is going to make to outrigger pieces to attach when he needs to move it.

We added the metal roofing and a garden flag. I lucked up a finding Sunbrella fabric remnant to make the pennant. We are very happy with it and it's large enough for what we will have as overflow produce and eggs. I want to get a little Blackboard to write Welcome on. We have to hang the produce signs I made saying "Fresh Eggs, Tomaotes, etc". Now to order a legal for trade scale and we will be good to go!