Saturday, December 15, 2012


My annual handmade ornament is hand sewn and fashioned after retro bulbs of past.

In felt of course, with darling mini rick rack.

Also in red and white but I am thinking of doing some opposite like white on red and just maybe in green and white. There is just something timeless about red and white though.

I think they are mighty cute and along with years past felt ornaments, they help to round out my mix of handmade and hallmark.






Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Water Storage

Water Storage...courtesy of Homesteading/Survivalism(located in Asheville, NC)

This is certainly something all of us should know and utilize. Water....we have to have it to live and one knows not what the future holds.

How To Properly Store Water Long Term

In order to properly store water long term for emergencies or survival, you'll need to do the following:

1. Consider the amount of water you'll need. It is generally recommended that you have 1 gallon per 3 day period per person for drinking water alone.

2. Choose proper container(s). Glass is often too fragile as well as heavy, metal is often corrosive or imparts a taste to the water. Stainless steel or plastic food/water storage drums are the best option for storing drinking water since they both do not corrode or effect the water and neither support the growth of bacteria or the like. However given the price of stainless drums, we recommend the use of plastic instead.

3. Properly clean your containers. sanitation of containers prior to filling is very important. Wash them out with soap and water, being certain to thoroughly rinse out all remnants of any soap residue. Next sanitize the containers with 1 tbsp of bleach for every gallon of water you add to the container. Shake and cover the inside thoroughly and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

4. Choose a proper location to store the water. Always choose a cool, dark location for best water preservation. And naturally one where the containers will "survive" as well.

5. Add your water. Supposedly tap water does not require much treatment since it is already chlorinated and the like. However when using well water it is recommended that you add a small amount of chlorine bleach to the water. This we do not recommend. After much experience with long term water storage it is our recommendation to use a bit of colloidal silver with every batch and to then ozonate the water vs the far more harsh chlorination. Also, rotating your water out (emptying and refilling with fresh water) should be carried out approximately every 6 months.

Here are polymer 55 gallon drums for water storage:

You can find a good barrel sanitizer here if not using fine silver, colloidal silver or the like:

Colloidal silver for water purification and storage life:

A perfect water pump for using the stored water from your barrels can be found here:

A smaller stackable water storage can be found here:

Ultra large storage tanks can be found here: