Sunday, March 6, 2016

Farmhouse Love

I have always loved old farmhouses and it's kind of funny how they have become the rage.

My old farmhouse sink that had been hidden in the depth of underbrush was pulled out yesterday and inspected. Thankfully it is none for the worse and destined for my future canning cabin. I joke that this will be my Gals Galley(opposite of the Man but I'm not sure if I will christen it with that name or a different one. I do have an alternate one but will keep it secret for a

Anyhoo, I've been collecting ideas and here are a few. I like the idea of the 2x4 legs for the sink like this one. I could do cute little gingham sink skirt.

It will also have the canning stove(close to this one by the Modern Rednecker) that Monty has been working on. We plan to put wheels on ours so it can be moved outside for cooking if needed.

I haven't decided on the size yet but thinking in the range of 12x14 or 10x12. Doesn't have to huge but does need to be functional. I also have a 1927 rescued corner cabinet that I would like to add in.

I also have this cool old door that I would like to paint for a small pantry door for all those empty mason jars and other canning tools!

So fun to think of all the possibilities. And of course I must have shiplap siding!