Saturday, March 10, 2018

Wow, Can't believe I have neglected the old blog for so long!!

Let me catch up. Last couple of years Christmas projects - 2017 snow globes, goody bags

Our son bought house in 2017

The husband made an cool media cabinet for his new house from recycled wood taken down from his carport. The ultimate shiplap!

We canned as usual..found a new relish recipe that was a hit!

And we are starting garden seeds for the summer garden

Well that catches me somewhat. I need to do better...but life has been so busy. Working 2 jobs as I near retirement but by doing so gets me out the rat race a little sooner!

And that is a good thing.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Busy, Busy..It's always something!

Boy, I blinked and it's Oct????

The homestead has been busy, busy!

We canned right up to our last harvest of peppers and I actually lost count of the total tally. I know though between the peps and tomatoes it was at least 150-200 jars maybe.

We sold lots of eggs this summer and took on new customers.

We had the back lot cleared a couple of months ago and Monty has stayed busy with digging ditches to divert rain water and has continued the clean up by the garage(why or why to do we pile up junk and things?) Arrgggg!

I started last month making the no-sew fabric ornaments and just finished the last one this week. I also stenciled a few signs for some early Christmas gifting. I usually give Christmas related presents but this year I am shaking it up and doing a fall theme. Anyhoo...the finished projects:

No sew ornaments:

My lovely signs:

Hope you are getting your craft on!

Happy Fall!

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Demise of Jeff

RIP Jeff

7/2003 to 7/7/16

Killed in broad daylight by a fox.

He was the last of our original flock. My youngest son named him and raised him from 1 day old.

We are bummed here on the ole homestead.

I miss his crow already!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Market bags

I can finally check this chore off the list!

After my marathon Christmas cloth gift bags sewing, I knew I needed to get on these....but well, I just couldn't make myself carve out the time.

So, like many just gotta find time and do it. And so I did! Very happy with them and they are easy to mass produce.

Beware.... lots of pictures, this ain't no high-tec

First figure out where you want the center of your picture to go on the front of your bag

Then cut off below my case it was around 10" off the bottom. This is what you will your straps from.

Sew the bottom of the bag closed with at 1/2" hem allowance and then stitch a second row at 1" for safety.

Then pull out the sides along the seams to make corners
Use your triangle template to mark and sew. I used a Food Lion reusable bag to make my template.
The 10" cut off is used to make the straps. Cut a 3" wide strip and then cut open the circle. Finger fold 1/4 inch down on both sides. Then fold wrong sides together and sew. Then cut it in half for 2 straps
Fold down the top of the bag and align your straps. I went in 7" from either side. Sew down. I did fold my top down twice for a nice edge.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Farm Cart

The Farm Cart.

We decided to keep costs low, recycle what we could and design it so it could be pulled with the lawn mower.

We knew the potting table slated to become the "counter" would be problematic because it is so narrow. But my husband decided to go ahead and do the awning etc and then we would address the instability issue. He is going to make to outrigger pieces to attach when he needs to move it.

We added the metal roofing and a garden flag. I lucked up a finding Sunbrella fabric remnant to make the pennant. We are very happy with it and it's large enough for what we will have as overflow produce and eggs. I want to get a little Blackboard to write Welcome on. We have to hang the produce signs I made saying "Fresh Eggs, Tomaotes, etc". Now to order a legal for trade scale and we will be good to go!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Farmhouse Love

I have always loved old farmhouses and it's kind of funny how they have become the rage.

My old farmhouse sink that had been hidden in the depth of underbrush was pulled out yesterday and inspected. Thankfully it is none for the worse and destined for my future canning cabin. I joke that this will be my Gals Galley(opposite of the Man but I'm not sure if I will christen it with that name or a different one. I do have an alternate one but will keep it secret for a

Anyhoo, I've been collecting ideas and here are a few. I like the idea of the 2x4 legs for the sink like this one. I could do cute little gingham sink skirt.

It will also have the canning stove(close to this one by the Modern Rednecker) that Monty has been working on. We plan to put wheels on ours so it can be moved outside for cooking if needed.

I haven't decided on the size yet but thinking in the range of 12x14 or 10x12. Doesn't have to huge but does need to be functional. I also have a 1927 rescued corner cabinet that I would like to add in.

I also have this cool old door that I would like to paint for a small pantry door for all those empty mason jars and other canning tools!

So fun to think of all the possibilities. And of course I must have shiplap siding!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Catching up!

Hello out there!

It has been over a year since my last post...just one question...where in the world did the time go?

When you work full time, garden, can, craft and etc, it sure doesn't leave much time for blogging!

I think the biggest highlight for me came at the end of the year. I decided to ditch using Kraft brown paper to wrap presents and instead opted to sew cloth bags. I also came up with the idea to make permanent wood tags using some of my rubber stamps. It was a hit!

I loved the ease of wrapping, no paper to recycle and storage of the bags takes one drawer. Best of all, it is a "green" project. While I bought Christmas fabric on sale recycling any old clothing would have worked. You definitely could reuse men's striped oxfords, plaids etc. Our most popular size used were the smaller ones around 10-12 finished. But if you have children, you would need the larger ones for bigger items for sure. My largest were made to fit shirt boxes etc.

Darling little wooden tags. These were like potato chips...I couldn't stop with just one!

I framed a fun Christmas print and placed it on the mantle(freebie...and who doesn't like free?)

Decorating with galvanized items was big this year. I lucked up and found stars early on at Michael's and made a rustic garland. Next year I am going to get a wash tub for the bottom of my tree!

I made my traditional yearly ornaments this year embroidering felt ornies, made paper medallions and also of course did our seasonal goodie bags. We even included a dozen eggs as gifts to our immediate family(big hit).

And in fall I did a set of prints(also free) which I absolutely loved! The colors fit in perfectly with my Fall decorations. I also made the sunflower topiaries.

Of course the garden harvest in retrospect was great...we canned our usual Jalapeno's, froze greens and ate lots of cukes!

I would say the old homestead did pretty darn good last year.

Downloads for Fall prints here--->
Dowload for Christmas Jeep here-->

Take care,