Saturday, February 27, 2010


We have attempted in the past to compost, even going so far as to buy a composter. As a matter of fact, we have 2. They are placed down the hill in our backyard out of sight. Only problem is they are truly " out of sight, out of mind". Needless to say, we were good about it to begin with but in the last year have become quite slack in using it. Maybe I should clarify that statement. It was the ole DH's job to empty the kitchen container in the compost bin and "he" has become quite slack in keeping up with it. So, I have now taken over the job and started it up again, only this time I am emptying the food scraps into the raised flower bed in the front. Walking down the hill, fighting briars isn't exactly my cup of tea. I figure it can't hurt to use the flower bed right now while it is empty. Once the flowers are in I'll have to find another spot or move the composter up in the back yard where it is more accessible.

I'd even like to start a worm composting operation, the worm castings are great fertilizer and of course totally organic.

Really the hardest thing, is just getting into the routine of doing it. My grandmother kept an old milk carton beside her sink that all her vegetable waste went into. She emptied it out daily in her garden. It was her routine to do so, but then again, she was recycling way before it was the "thing to do". She never forgot the hard times during the depression, never took for granted electricity, wasted nothing, repurposed and reused everything she could.

Taking her lead, instead of using a milk carton, I am using the bottom half of a soda bottle. Not to big, doesn't hold more than a day's worth of scraps and it forces me to go out and empty it. It is quite amazing how fast it fills up with lettuce scraps, coffee grounds(with filter), orange peels, etc.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

365 Days of Trash

I am always on the look out for new blogs and here's the most recent one I've discovered...quite interesting.

Ok, we finally got on the "green" wagon and bought one of those grocery cloth-like reusable bags. I had already gotten another one from our benefit's fair last fall, but had never used it. The DH(and myself)have never been big fans of the plastic ones. The paper ones are ok, but are subject to ripping if packed with heavy items. After light discussion, we've decided to stop using both. Since we are proud owners of 2 "green" ones, the ole DH tried them out last week. He has reported them to be very satisfactory and definitely something we(he) can get used to. Notice I said he had tried them out, as you know I am not one to love grocery store shopping. I have to give Kudos to the DD who has been using them for quite some time. She too, is moving toward using more reusable "green" items and less disposables.

I don't know why buying that darn bag has made me so happy, maybe because we are reducing what goes into the landfill?

Yes, that's it exactly!

And, now to provide you with a little inspiration...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thinking small

Small house = less stuff. For some time, I've been telling the DH that downsizing to a small house is the way to go. He's onboard 100%, but getting there is of course another matter. But, it is fun to think about and certainly has it's perks. To name a few.....

Small house = less to clean
Small house = little yard = less to mow
Small house = less property tax
Small house = less insurance needed
Small house = less utility bills

Now that I have you thinking, tell me what's not to like about living "small"?

Small house = less to clean = have more free time
Small house = little yard, less to mow = more woods for birds and habitats
Small house = less property tax = OMG who doesn't want to pay less tax!
Small house = less insurance = you have to have it, so pay as little as possible
Small house = less utility bills = oh how I hate to pay Progress energy
Small house = less stuff = well, less clutter and that = a very good thing!

Do you know most people work just to pay their mortgages? And that you will spend 20-30 years of your life doing just that? Hmmmmmm

See less is coin a well known phrase. I tell ya....I'm likin the idea!