Friday, July 8, 2016

The Demise of Jeff

RIP Jeff

7/2003 to 7/7/16

Killed in broad daylight by a fox.

He was the last of our original flock. My youngest son named him and raised him from 1 day old.

We are bummed here on the ole homestead.

I miss his crow already!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Market bags

I can finally check this chore off the list!

After my marathon Christmas cloth gift bags sewing, I knew I needed to get on these....but well, I just couldn't make myself carve out the time.

So, like many just gotta find time and do it. And so I did! Very happy with them and they are easy to mass produce.

Beware.... lots of pictures, this ain't no high-tec

First figure out where you want the center of your picture to go on the front of your bag

Then cut off below my case it was around 10" off the bottom. This is what you will your straps from.

Sew the bottom of the bag closed with at 1/2" hem allowance and then stitch a second row at 1" for safety.

Then pull out the sides along the seams to make corners
Use your triangle template to mark and sew. I used a Food Lion reusable bag to make my template.
The 10" cut off is used to make the straps. Cut a 3" wide strip and then cut open the circle. Finger fold 1/4 inch down on both sides. Then fold wrong sides together and sew. Then cut it in half for 2 straps
Fold down the top of the bag and align your straps. I went in 7" from either side. Sew down. I did fold my top down twice for a nice edge.