Sunday, January 11, 2015

Starting seeds....the easy way(or least I think so!)

If you are new to seed sowing..there are a few tricks to learn to make the job easy. I had a bit of a learning curve starting out for sure... but it is all good! Have to start somewhere.

I use a method I call "mass seeding" whereby you do not seed in individual seed cells. I do plant them into the 6pk cell trays after they develop their true leaves. That said, here are my directions:

1) Start with moistened seed starting mix-->I use a brand called Metro Mix that I find locally at our Farmer's Supply.
2) Sprinkle the seeds on top(the entire package or more depending on container size). For reference a mushroom container will easily hold 40+ seeds). Next sprinkle a fine layer of moistened seed mix on top ~1/4 deep. Gently firm down to make good contact with the seed.
3) Place in ziploc bag. Cover with a newspaper and set in a warm place.
4) Check seeds for germination at the 4-5 day mark. As soon as the majority are up....remove the tray from the bag and place right up under the lights. Since I use regular shop lights they need stay close to lights.
5) Do not water until the mix is dry. Overwatering will sink your ship quicker than anything.
6) Once the seedlings have developed their true leaves it is time to transplant. Let the mix dry out and it will be easy to separate the seedlings.
7) Fertilize several weeks after transplant with a weak solution of compost tea or your choice of organic fertilizer. If you are not organic you can use 1 tbsp of Miracle Gro to a gallon and work up to the pkg directions.

There are plenty of sites for mixing organic fertilizer-->here is one to get you started.

I recycle plastic trays from the recycling center..their is no shortage there! Mushroom containers work well.

Have fun and get those seeds going!

Here is what you are going for:

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