Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Holiday's are a-coming!

Time is flying ... wasn't it just Labor Day?

And Thanksgiving went by in a blur. And...yep it seems Christmas will soon here before we know it!

I've been busy making our annual homemade gifts. I seem to be getting better at organizing it all every year(geez after 35 yrs of making homemade gifts.. you would think!)....Any hoo, I did start back in July by picking up craft paper, etc. And over the last several months I have bought a few more things. So my first idea came together quickly--a gift packaging kit to help friends and family create their own homemade goodness. I mass produced the kits and was done in no time. I actually think this may be something I decide to do on a yearly basis.

Side Note--->It bothers me though, to hear people say how busy they are and how they just can't seem to get everything done before the holiday. I think I've decided that these procrastinators have always operated their lives one day behind and are always trying to "catch" up. I can't stress being organized enough.

I once saw a Martha Stewart show where she had the whole month of Nov and Dec planned out....and I thought "Good Grief" who needs that kind of planning. Boy was I wrong. Good planning results in stress free holidays. I should have listened to her when I first started out crafting. But alas, an old dog can learn tricks and I am much happier to execute my projects in a timely manner now.

I make lists, google-search ideas, set limits on how much I can realistically complete and buy supplies on sale and ahead of the demand. If you have given up ever getting to a point where you can achieve a happy medium - don't despair. You can do it, start small and work up. There is time this season to depressurize your lists and come up with reasonably priced gifting. It does not have to be stressful or expensive. Thoughtful gifting is just as important. Don't overspend, set a budget and stay within your boundaries. Trust me the end of the season that alone will decrease the financial stress!

Good Luck this season, get organized and stay on budget!

Happy Holidays to You!

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