Monday, April 18, 2011

Gardening 101

12ft bed for tomatoes

2nd 12ft bed for tomotoes

Potato bed-->these were not planted in a straw bale but from my composted dirt

Squash planted in heaped compost on last years decomposing straw

This one is in progress-->will be corn

Moving right along this year... Potatoes looking good planted in compost. After I planted them I found a lot of articles about growing them in straw. Next year I may try it that way rather than use up all my compost. But any hoo, got the squash in on some of last years bale remmants. Readying a raised bed for corn - first time trying this method. I've got to find some dirt as I have very little compost left. Lastly readying the tomato bales for planting. I'm going to try a different method this year to prepping them. Found a great article on Mother Earth's site so we'll see how that goes. Thinking about doing one like the old way and the other with Mother Earth's recipe.

Of course now I'm wishing I had 2 more beds so I could put in a couple rows of beans. Last year I did 1/2 of bed and surprisingly it produced enough for several stir fry meals. As the season progressed and I didn't get enough for a meal I let them get big and tough. Cooked them up for treats for the dogs...who knew dogs liked green beans?

Still thinking about those 2 extra beds..may have to talk to the spouse....