Sunday, January 2, 2011


Been kinda of silent around here. Busy working and coming up with new ideas for 2011.

But let's back up...Fall blew in and before I knew it, the 1st of December was here. I had to quickly come up with an idea for my annual Christmas craft.

I decided number one it would have to be economical. Secondly I wanted to recycle or reuse my left over scrapbooking supplies, ribbon remmants and buttons.

Hence my little gift baskets were born! I included nifty hot chocolate pockets sewn from white paper bags using ribbon remmants. I used left over Christmas recipe cards tucked inside each one to write a quick Holiday greeting. I used Glassine bags filled with peppermint candies or tea, using again left over ribbon and scrapbook paper for the toppers. I made belly bands to wrap the Ghiardelli candy. I covered clothespins with paper that could also be used to hold close the tops of the glassine bags. I used recycled jars and spray painted the lids silver filling them with peppermints. I used left over rhinetones to add sparkle. Throw in some baker's twine and buttons used here and there, a few extas of everything so in turn the recipents could regift the ideas and the baskets were filled to the brim!

Cost breakdown:
Jars= free
Spray paint to paint lids = $1.99
6 cardboad printed baskets = $5.94
Scrapbook paper = $4.00
Ribbon = $2.00
Paper bags = $.1.50 (I also recylced the ones Chinese takeout come in)
Peppermint Candy = $3.94
Glassine bags = $3.00
Ghiardelli candy = $3.99

Total = $27.50

Cost per basket = $4.39 BUT I have left over paint and candy so the true cost is probably closer to $3.50 a basket. Pretty good! Not to mention a huge reduction in scrap paper, ribbon, etc.

I totally loved how they turned out and everyone thought it was great way to recyle!