Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To Garden or Not..what a difference a month makes

March...just starting

April...where we are now

So, to put it in perspective, my space is not large. It could be but for now I am concentrating on what is working out as far as what I have planted, what will be planted next and so forth. I also plan to weigh everything. Because I am like that. I want to know how many pounds of produce was yielded versus cost(last year I didn't do this and wished I had...you know just to see). I've heard planting potatoes is not worth it in a small garden. But I beg to differ. Last season, I grew in a very small bed probably around 10 lbs. From those 10lbs along with the squash and green beans also from our garden..I got at least 20 meals in the form of grill pockets. From picking to table our dinners took 30-35 mins. We ate fresh, healthy and loved it! I'm not re-inventing the wheel here, just saying. basically no matter how big or small your gardening space, with good planning you can grow in season veggies year round.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bella + 1

The waiting is over. During the night or possibly early evening...one egg hatched into a little yellow chick( I mean really...what else would it hatch into for pete's sake...lol).

Bella is keeping the chick warm along with the other remaining eggs that have yet to hatch.

I'll give those eggs another day or so to see if they do or maybe see if Bella decides to abandon them, meaning they must be duds. Still can't believe she's a first time Mom at age 10!

On another topic, I had planned to buy some Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red chicks from Hudson's Hardware. Apparently raising chickens has taken this part of the county by storm and they are selling out in 2 hours. Along with quick sales are long lines. I may have to resort to a mail order business to get all pullets. May work out since I am not really ready with the new coop...uhhh not even close....as in I haven't even decided where we are going to relocate the existing one. Decisions, decisions!