Saturday, August 16, 2014

Catching Up

Oh, doesn't it seem like that once July comes and goes, it's a race to ready everything for fall?

I've been canning and sowing fall seed as the days just click on by. The Broccoli, Brussels and Cauliflower are looking good, save the 12 Broccoli plants that were devoured by an unknown bug. I have never had any issues with insects in the seedling stage so I suppose it was my turn. I don't like it one bit though!

On a side note, I tried making and canning peach butter this year. Oh my, it is so good. While it cooked down for 2 days our house smelled divine. I was ready to break out the Fall decorations, turn on the gas logs and don a sweatshirt. What is it about the smell of cinnamon that makes me think Fall?

I don't really need to be rushing Fall will be here soon enough.

On a second note, the husband is behind on my canning stove, getting my birdhouses put up and making my garden trug. I talked all big about finishing those three projects and that was as far as it got. Yes, talk was cheap. Maybe this winter he will get around to it.

Next up on the our agenda is to complete the cleanup of the front garden and move the bucket garden to the left side beds. It's time to rest those particular beds. We will plant in the right side garden beds for fall.

And on a third side note, I am close to half way on putting up at a minimum of 100 jars of pickled peppers. Yay..we eat the heck out of them. If truth be told I need at least 125.

We are anxiously awaiting egg laying to start with our new 8 hens. Counting down 8 weeks to go. Our others are pretty much free loading. We are going to have to address the "cull" word sooner or later. Maybe winter would be a good time to make it happen?

That catches me up to our current state of affairs. Another trip around the sun is approaching fast!

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