Saturday, May 10, 2014


We are racing against the clock to get everything planted for our first season crop. We are trying a new hybrid system of the rain gutter system this summer. The new system utilizes 4" PVC pipe instead of the rain gutter. I am hoping it will conserve even more water that the rain gutters.

And of course I still I have my Straw Bale system. I also have our self watering buckets placed strategically throughout the garden and yard. It pays to be diversified since we are prone to Hurricanes. I certainly do not want to lose an entire season of tomatoes if I can help it!

With the latest planted tomatoes I now have 49 plants....good grief! I see lots of salsa and canned tomato sauce in my future. But you know is a good thing. After all, what could be more healthy for us? Our own tomatoes, picked by us, canned by us and to be consumed by us! Plus, I will be able to gift a few jars to my out of town son for his pantry.

On the heels of the first season tomatoes, I have planted an additional 18 which will be ready to plant by June. These will be the plants that I will overwinter hopefully. If time permits I may try to squeeze a third season since we stay so warm into the fall.

It's also hard to believe I will also need to start thinking of what will need to be seeded in July...Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels, Kale, etc to name a few.

And while I dread canning season because it is a lot of work....I have the hugest respect for our Grandma's who canned in the 40's and 50's to feed their families. That said, once you can your own food it is hard to think about buying anything in a can from the store. A great feeling to pass right by them!

It's getting overcast here and perfect to go out and fill up the bird feeders, relax on the porch and enjoy the last of the spring breeze!

Happy Gardening!


  1. I hope that turns out really well for you. I find how you have modified the underlying scheme of your gutters pleasing, because those do entice the mind. Who knew there are other ways to go around rain gutters that tend to seem real fixed and resistant to modification, right? Anyway, thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Meghan Bowers @ Gutter Dome