Sunday, March 16, 2014

Springtime Chores

The Farmstead is gearing up for spring and summer planning / planting. We've decided to make couple of changes to the front garden.

We decided in the fall to rest 2 of the raised beds. Thus, I planted a soil builder blend 35% Spring Oats, 33% Field Peas, and 32% Hairy Vetch which will generate biomass and add nitrogen. I have however been undecided on whether to till it under, mulch over it or the like. Then I found the following article and it makes sense to me to just mulch it and forget it.

On a side note...we have all been anxiously awaiting for Spring. I fear the days will be flying by and we will be scrambling to finish up everything by June 1st. I do however, feel pretty good about what we have accomplished so far:

1) Potatoes = Planted.
2) Bale Prep = Almost ready for April 15 plant date. Need 1 more application of blood meal.
3) Broccoli, Cauliflower and Brussels = planted, but very iffy if they will produce before we warm up. Dang it. NOTE to self--> start seedlings in Jan! and hoop the raised beds for early winter protection.
4) 2nd season tomato seedlings = Ready for transplanting.
5) Raised beds amended and ready for transplanting.

To Do's:
1) Flowers --> I didn't plant many last yr. This year I have a couple of small beds that I will be planting. The garden needs color!
2) Order more pepper seeds.
3) Build the 4 PVC gutter garden systems.
4) Prepare 24 buckets for the gutter garden.
5) Order net cups and float valves for gutter garden.

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