Friday, December 23, 2011

A Simple Christmas

This year I returned to my roots and decorated our tree with mostly all handmade ornaments, save for the glitter grapevine wreath balls and poinsetta flowers. Our tree is filled with little ornaments made over the last 33 years. From felt Christmas trees made in 1988 to cross stitch ornaments I made in 1980's when Monty and I first met. There are plastic canvas poinsetta's made by me and the kids in 1996, marshmallow snowmen made in 2006, wreaths made in 1984, small peach baskets in 1986 and lots of others that I never dated. Wish now I had. What is amazing is that I have made an ornament every year except for just a couple. The years I missed, well I just didn't get a creative vibe to make one. But hey, 30 yrs is a long time and with many more to come who knows what I will come up with next!

Merry Christmas and enjoy a memory moment from years past..

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