Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bella + 1

The waiting is over. During the night or possibly early egg hatched into a little yellow chick( I mean really...what else would it hatch into for pete's

Bella is keeping the chick warm along with the other remaining eggs that have yet to hatch.

I'll give those eggs another day or so to see if they do or maybe see if Bella decides to abandon them, meaning they must be duds. Still can't believe she's a first time Mom at age 10!

On another topic, I had planned to buy some Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red chicks from Hudson's Hardware. Apparently raising chickens has taken this part of the county by storm and they are selling out in 2 hours. Along with quick sales are long lines. I may have to resort to a mail order business to get all pullets. May work out since I am not really ready with the new coop...uhhh not even in I haven't even decided where we are going to relocate the existing one. Decisions, decisions!

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