Sunday, February 26, 2012

Garden Journal

I've always wondered why keeping a garden journal is important. Well, now I know. Year to year it's just plain hard to remember what worked, what didn't and at what times you need to do this or that. Those who have never been farmers, like me, can't keep it straight on when to plant or when to start seeds. It becomes even more complicated when you start trying new things to grow.

Side note. I really like the B&N brand of 8x10 monthly planner but even before the Christmas season got into swing our local store ran low on the style I like. So, thinking I was just out of luck I bought one from Walmart. It's ok but I still wanted the B&N kind. So, my darling daughter found one in Minne and sent it to me. Only problem was I had already started using the Walmart planner. Which by the way is working wonderful for staying on budget. So, my B&N one has been riding around in my work bag...with nothing written in it and here it is...February!

Ahh, but last night I had a revelation....empty journal...perhaps a match made in heaven? I do believe so. The calendar pages are large allowing me to write in notes, add dates for expected harvest, when we planted our veggies or planted seeds.

By golly, I may just be onto something! My new Garden Journal Planner may just be "all that"!

Added benefit, I can keep it to refer to for next season.

Yep, I'm brilliant!

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