Sunday, January 1, 2012

Re-looking, Re-defining, Re-doing

It's that time of year when we redo our budget, redefine and goals and re-look at how we did last year. I can honestly say we managed to accomplish most everything we sat out to do.

There were 2 major things that we did not get accomplished. One was to finish fencing in the front garden which affects my next move and that's to incorporate more raised vegetable beds. I'm going to need the fence put up and beds fashioned pretty soon so I can start composting to amend the soil. We all know spring will be here sooner than later. The second thing was to redo the chicken pen. I want to get a dozen more layers and I want to sell my surplus. Hopefully, this will offset the cost of keeping the chickens and provide us with healthy eggs once again.

Financially it was a challenging year in general with food and gas purchases topping the list of expenses. Car pooling continues to be very cost effective, so we will continue that into this year. Food, well I am going to try some creative preparation of plan-ahead meals to help with breakfast. Of course left overs will still be a good part of our dinner meals.

I have set our money saving goals extremely high and it is going to be quite challenging to accomplish. However, the goal of building the little house will become a reality and how sweet it will be!

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  1. So child.. never get to talk to you so I guess I will have to follow your blog... I need some serious ideas for my yard.. maybe you can mosey over one day and give me some pointers..My garden did fairly well last year I need to do more weed pulling .. but I am ready...
    Miss you ...