Thursday, July 14, 2011

Potato Pockets

I sometimes just amaze myself and not in a good way. Several weeks ago I had an aha moment. We made grill pockets and cooked them on... none other than the grill. Didn't turn the oven on, use any electricity or get the kitchen hot.

Hmmm why ever have I not thought to fix pockets before now? I have absolutely no clue. Disturbing to say the least....hehe.

On to the pockets...take a large sheet of aluminum foil. In the center place a couple of cubed small red potatoes, dot with a little butter and put some sliced onion on top. Now any other vegetable will do but we've been putting our green beans and squash (sliced) from our garden on top. Last night we also threw in a small ear of corn. We also added left over chicken(one of the rotisserie baked ones). Folded up the ends and threw that baby on the grill for 20 mins on low.

An all-in-one meal. A great way to use left overs and no plate to wash. Easy peasy. Good grief...why have I never thought of it before now. Go figure!

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