Sunday, May 1, 2011

Corn mounds and a "Garden update"

Native Americans grew corn in small mounds. Last fall I received some corn seed from one on my Almanac buddies with directions to grow the seeds in mounds. It actually seems like a logical way to plant corn when I think about. Growing 5-6 stalks in one small mound would make pollination of the corn silk easier as the pollen would not have to travel as far to the silk. It's pretty neat to think how each piece of the silk makes a kernel. Small wonder on how it all works. Going to plant some miniature Indian corn as well.

Many years the tune of 9-10 years, Trevor and I actually planted some Indian corn in a small 4x8 raised bed. I did get 20 or so of the cutest little ears in yellows, purples and reds. I tried planting it again in 2006, in rows and only 2-3 ears matured. Little did I know they actually recommend growing corn in 4x4 blocks to aid in pollination. So the year I planted in rows actually failed due to lack of cross pollination. Hmmm. So we'll see what happens this year, I should be good as my corn bed is close to 4x4.

My chives bloomed for the first time, nice little balls of lavendar. I picked one off and ate it....whew...was it hot! And I had nice onioney(is that a word) breath for hours... hehe

Squash are already putting out their true leaves and they just popped up on Thurs. Now that's a good sign. I put some left over straw around them for mulch.

Potatoes looking good, and much bigger than 13 days ago.

Peppers are planted in dirt, I just mulched them with leftover straw.

Now the watching and waiting begin!

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