Sunday, September 26, 2010

A little rain.... and a rare find

When's the last time I saw one of these guys? Well, I can tell you it's been a while. Ever since the last turtle in the compound escaped I haven't seen one. Trevor has on the occasion seen one going downhill in the backyard toward the ditch. You'd think living in the country that we would cross paths more often than we do.

But today, seeing this girl, makes me remember the days of:

Walking in the rain, jumping in mudpuddles, carrying umbrellas and keeping an eye out for a hidden turtle in the leaves.

Rescuing forlorn turtles from sure road death.

Finding turtles at auctions.

Naming turtles after the ever so famous Ninja turtles.

Naming turtles girl names like Madeline or Samantha.

Being brought turtles by concerned neigbhors who knew of our turtle compound.

Watching newly hatched turtles, with their shells so soft, head toward the small pool.

Yep, today it's not surprising to see her out an about, after all we were always more sucessful of finding them after a rain.

Enjoy the memory!

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