Monday, May 17, 2010

Being resourceful

Today's newspaper featured an article on making little girl's sundresses from pillowcases. Such a neat idea, probably been around for a while, but bears revisting. Especially if you are like me and hadn't run across the idea.

I think it probably originated from recycling old feed sacks. Some resourceful woman probably figured it would make a sundress and there you go. My grandma used to get feed sacks from a neighbor and she would use them in quilts. But this is such a cute idea using a modern approach by using a pillowcase. Just think how many pillowcases out there with no mate. Yardsales and thrift stores with one lonely pillowcase. How fun to go on a "hunt" to find them.

Check out this site for the instructions.

Here's one done up in a very cute fabric.

I think you could also do these into summer tops for young girls or teens. They would be pretty cool done in retro fabric.

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