Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Small houses

For several months I have actively been researching small house living. The idea of having a small "paid for" house, no mortgage payments, lower utility bills and property taxes and has definitely got me interested. The underground movement of living small, living simply, and living off the grid is gaining momentum. And I can see why. The last several years of economic strife has made a lot of people realize self suffiency is a good thing.

What I like most about these small houses is their simplicity. They are built affordably, often by the same people who will inhabit them. They are built to be energy efficient and laid out to be totally functional. Many are constructed with recyced materials and enviromentally friendly products. Smaller houses mean smaller footprints. People are finding "stuff" doesn't bring you happiness and are instead opting for a debt and stress free life. A simple life.

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